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How To Use a Pendulum To Contact Spirits

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Not long after Christmas, one cold and grey morning, I packed a bag with my ghost hunting equipment and set out for my local cemetery. I live in a small village that's been around for a while, so naturally, the cemetery is rather ancient and has some very old graves that have been left unattended for decades. These are my favorite types of cemeteries: old, quiet, abandoned.

On this day, my aim was to attempt contacting spirits with my pendulum, which I bought in the South of France last summer in the most marvellous crystal boutique ever. I had already used it before and had obtained some impressive results, but out of all the divination tools I have used (tarot cards, pendulum, tasseography), the pendulum was the one I was he most sceptical about. After all, it is too easy to move the pendulum by moving your hand unconsciously, or for the wind to impact the tool's movement.

Nevertheless, I realised that many people I tell about my pendulum are always very curious about how this tool is used to contact spirits. So, here's a little tutorial on how to use this mystical tool!

How to use a pendulum

First of all, note that I strongly recommend using the pendulum indoors or on days where the wind is minimal, as it can seriously interfere with your session. Hold the pendulum by the tip of the chain it is attached to with your preferred hand, get comfortable, stop moving and try to get the pendulum as still as possible. I suggest resting your elbow on a surface, because this position can quickly become uncomfortable. Once you are immobile and the pendulum has stopped moving, take a moment to ground yourself and get in a semi-meditative state. Try to calm and empty your mind and breathe slower.

Once you feel grounded and ready to start, you must first determine what the movement for "no" is and the movement for "yes" is. Ask your pendulum "show me yes". Once you have obtained a clear movement and have identified the direction, ask "show me no", and the pendulum should move in a different direction. Once you have identified the two directions for "yes" and "no", you can start asking questions.

The type of question you ask is completely up to you, but of course you must keep in mind that the pendulum will only be able to answer yes or no questions, so the simpler they are the better. If you are trying to contact spirits, simple and short questions are always best anyway. Imagine being bothered during your eternal rest by a random living human asking you long and complicated questions - quelle horreur!

Voilà! You now know how to use a pendulum. It wasn't that hard right? Once your session is done, you may feel tired or drained of energy - that is most likely because we become so intensely focused during divination sessions that once you're able to relax, your body needs to rest.

Personally, although I have gotten surprising and interesting results in the past, I am still rather sceptical about the pendulum, so I am looking forward to using it a lot more and closely monitoring the results in order for me to come to a decision about whether I think they are legit - or useless. I will most likely document these experiments in youtube videos, so keep an eye out for those!

In the meantime, I invite you to watch me attempt to contact spirits in my local cemetery (the link also at the top of the article). Some people have told me they hear an EVP at some point in my video - see if you can pick it up too!

Until next time, please love yourselves, be nice to each other and stay spooky!

The Basic Witch

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