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Your Fate in a Tea Cup : Tasseography

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered what tea leaves have to say about you, your life and your future?

Hi Spookies!

Today, I want to talk about Tasseography, also known as Tea Leaf Reading. Most people have heard of Tasseography thanks to movies and TV shows – in Harry Potter for example, but few people realise that its really a thing: it’s a recognised form of divination that humans have been using for generations.

The earliest documented trace of people reading their fortunes in tea leaves goes back to the 17th century, after tea was introduced to Europe as a consumption good via trade routes to China. This practice spreads across the continents, with the British crafting beautiful cups specially designed for tasseography, and Arab and Middle Eastern cultures practicing this form of divination in coffee grounds leftovers. While coffee and tea are the two most commonly used bases for tasseography, many people actually claim to be able to read their fortune in any food/drink leftovers. The truth is, Tea Leaf Reading is simply a form of scrying that uses tea instead of a mirror or crystal ball.

Do Tea Leaves Really Tell You Your Future?

Yes and no. Much like Tarot cards, tasseography doesn’t ACTUALLY give you a precise prediction of your future. To me, it’s more like a form of therapy. You usually practice divination to get answers to a question or a dilemma that’s been in the back of your mind, and tasseography or tarot cards are a spiritual, intuitive way to tackle these issues from a different angle and perspective. More often than not, divination tells us things we don’t want to hear: I often say that tarot cards or tasseography has a motherly way of telling us to get our shit together. Personally, I see the « future » aspect of divination more as being a « get your shit together or shit will go down » kind of warning, or a « you’re doing amazing sweetie, keep going » statement. In other words, divination will hardly ever tell you how many kids you’ll have or when and how you’ll die. It’s most probably going to tell you to stop spending too much money before you can’t afford food at the end of the month and have to eat 50 cents instant ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner ; or tell you to stop screwing around with Jason from Theta Chi because he’s definitely a fuckboy who is definitely cheating on his girlfriend with you. You know, the usual.

How to Give Yourself a Tea Leaf Reading

You will need:

loose tea leaves (or you can cut open a tea bag and pour its content, but the leaves will be much smaller)hot watera wide, flat-bottomed cup (preferably a light color)time & concentration

Here’s how you do it:

Put about a teaspoon of loose tea leaves in your cup and pour some hot water over itWhile drinking the tea, try to ground yourself and put yourself in a semi-meditative mode. Think about your life, a particular issue or aspect that you’d like guidance on. Put intent into your cup of tea as you are drinking it. Try to stay clear of any noise and distractions.Once finished, leave about a teaspoon of water at the end of your cup. Swish the cup around a little and turn it over on a plate or napkin.This is totally optional – but some people swear that you have to tap the cup 3 times with your non-dominant hand, and turn the cup clock-wise three times. Personally, I don’t think it adds anything in particular to the reading, but hey, if it makes you feel good, do it!Turn your cup over and start analysing what you see.

Analysing What You See

Here’s where it gets tricky – many people have many different ways of reading the tea leaves. Some say you have to start at the rims and move your way to the center, some use special tasseography cups with designs on them and analyse the drawings where the tea leaves happen to be.

Personally, I just go with my intuition: I start by looking at the bigger shapes, then look at all the other smaller shapes, try to make images out of them as you would with clouds, and once I’m done, I try to put together the images’ meanings and attempt to make sense of what they could mean put all together. Usually, I always end up with a clear, specific message that makes total sense to me. This method has worked for me and I will keep using it.

Once you’ve done all of this, the whole afternoon or evening or morning has probably gone by and tada, you’ve given yourself a tasseography reading!

At the end of the day, Tasseography is a fun, original way of reflecting on our own issues and challenges which can bring incredible results if we put our should and mind into it.

I truly believe that with scrying divination, there isn no right or wrong to do it, there is only the intuitive way to do it.

If you’re interested in seeing me give myself a Tasseography reading, check out this video linked below, and please let me know in the comments if you see the same thing I see in my tea leaves!

Until next time, please love yourselves, be nice to each other and stay spooky!

The Basic Witch

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