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5 Crystals You NEED To Start Your Collection

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Crystal healing and crystals in general have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and more people are using them as an alternative medicine for things such as anxiety, stress or physical pain. Here are the 5 crystals you NEED if you want to start your own crystal healing collection.

Before I start, I highly recommend investing in a beginner friendly book about crystals. These books can act as a crystal dictionary or mini encyclopaedia, which is always useful when you can't remember what a crystal's name is or what it is good for. I recommend "The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures" (see picture above): it's simple, straightforward l and is so pretty to look at! It's also very affordable: the perfect book for your first steps into crystal healing.

1. Rose Quartz for Self-Love, Kindness and Romance

Rose Quartz is one of my favorite crystals. It's beautiful, and it's soft pink color is so calming. It's just all around lovely, and makes me fee like I'm living "La vie en rose". It is said to be a perfect crystal to boost your self-love and self-confidence and help you become a more calm, kind and compassionate person. It's also said to help you attract unconditional love (romantic or not), it is therefore no surprise that it is said to be linked to the heart chakra. Because of it's stunning pastel pigmentation, this crystal must be kept away from the sun as much as possible to avoid fading.

Tip: wear this crystal on a necklace to fully benefit from it's healing properties and to keep it close to your heart chakra at all times.

2. Fluorite for Anxiety and Concentration

In today's increasingly fast-paced world, more and more people suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. It can seriously affect your life, and can be a great obstacle to you achieving your goals. From personal experience, I know that anxiety makes it impossible for me to concentrate on anything other than, well, my anxiety. This is why fluorite is such a great crystal. It helps soothe anxiety, keeps you grounded and helps you concentrate! It is also a great crystal for meditation by helping you empty your mind and calm your nerves before entering a deep meditative state, and it is connected to the Third Eye Chakra.

Tip: keep some rainbow fluorite near your workspace to help you relax and focus when studying or working. Bonus: it makes a beautiful desk decoration!

3. Citrine for Energy, Joy and Positivity

Just by looking at this stone, I get a feeling of positivity and motivation. It's gorgeous yellow color reminds me of Summer, when my spirits are usually lifted higher, and its brownish undertones reminds me of Fall, my favorite season with Spring. Citrine is a wonderful stone for those days where you feel sluggish, grey and unmotivated. It helps chase the sadness away and leave room for happiness, joy and energy when we need an extra push. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. And as a special bonus, it is also said to attract wealth and abundance!

Tip: keep this crystal somewhere you can see it first thing in the morning: your bedside table, your dresser, your bathroom. This will help you feel energized and motivated first thing in the morning!

4. Amethyst for Intuition and Communication

Amethyst is probably one of the most well known and popular crystals ever. It can be used for many different things including protection, concentration and relaxation. It is also great for increasing your intuition and your self-confidence ; it is a crystal you can keep near you while taking big decisions. It's also good for communication by calming you down and helping you focus and build the confidence to talk about a touchy subject. It's associated to the Crown Chakra and is also good for meditation! Fun fact: the Ancient Greeks and Romans believed Amethyst prevented intoxication, it's name is literally derived from Ancient Greek a- ("not") and methustos ("intoxicated"). They used to drink in gobelets carved from Amethyst to prevent drunkenness!

Tip: this crystal is made into so many different kinds of jewellery, find one (or several) that you like and wear them for a beauty and healing combination!

5. Smoky Quartz for Cleansing and Purifying

Smoky Quartz is so amazing because it literally looks smoky when you take a closer look at it. It's a beautiful stone that is very affordable and very easy to find. This crystal is good for cleansing and detoxifying the energy around you. It's good to have some pieces of smoky quartz around your house to prevent outbursts of heavy or negative energy in times of stress or conflict. Some even say that is has healing properties for physical pain and discomfort. This gorgeous stone is also associated to the Crown Chakra.

Tip: place some smoky quartz near your front door, in your bedroom or in any places you feel are energy hotspots (for example: a living room where people gather around).

Growing your crystal collection is a personal journey that is different for each person. At the end of the day, the only rule to live by is to purchase and collect whatever crystal you want and feel right about having in your home. Nevertheless, I hope this small selection helps you find your way and enter the magical and dense world of crystals and minerals!

Stay spooky!

The Basic Witch

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